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Foxconn is a brand of electronic components manufacturing company. It was established in 1974 in Taiwan, by Terry Gou, and opened its first plant in 1988 in Shenzhen, China. Today Foxconn is one of the world’s leading companies in its field, and  sells its products to American, Asian and Scandinavian companies.

Meaning and history

Foxconn Logo history
The beginning of the company takes place in 1974 when Terry Gou founded Hon-Hai Plastics Corporation in Taiwan with his brother. The real breakthrough for the brand came in 1980. At this time, it received a major customer in the form of Atari, which placed an order for connectors. Then, Gou went to the USA. Thanks to his perseverance, he returned to Taiwan with a large list of clients. In 1988, the company opened its first location in China. The company was later renamed Hon Hai Industrial Corporation and is better known by its trading name Foxconn.

???? – 2010

Foxconn Logo old
The Foxconn logo is a bold and distinct wordmark, executed in a custom typeface, which is close to the well-known Gunship serif sans font.
The rounded external angles of the letters are accompanied by the sharp square forms of the inside, which makes the logo look modern, strong and unique.
The color palette is simple yet effective — blue lettering on a white background is a good choice for any technological company, as it symbolizes trust, confidence and reliability of the brand.

2010 – now

Foxconn Logo
The company added a red element to the left of its name. It was a red capital “H” with a lowercase white “h” placed inside of it. The two letters were meant to stand for “Hon Hai”, which is the original name of the company. This small change drew a connection between the two names the company is known by and added a bold and powerful touch to the logo.