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Vagabond Shoemakers is a Swedish brand of footwear, founded in 1973. The brand currently has stores throughout Europe, and their products are sold in many more retail shops. The company is largely known for high-tech solutions employed during production and high quality of end products.

Meaning and History

Vagabond symbol

Founded in 1973, Vagabond quickly became one of the prominent producers of shoes of all varieties. They sell footwear for men & women, for sports, general use, beaches and so forth. It’s also a technologically advanced design studio, and all products sold by them are also designed by them.

1973 – today

Vagabond logo

Their main emblem is the big word ‘Vagabond’. All of its letters are wide and fully uppercase. The font uses angular sans-serif letters with abrupt corners. The coloring is normally white or black, depending on the background. In addition, there is a word ‘shoemakers’ made in a more basic, thinner sans-serif right below the main word’s center.


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