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Unisa is a Spanish brand of shoes and bags. It’s only been founded in 2010, and it’s now an internationally recognized brand of footwear (and bags). The former includes all sorts of sporty, practical and even formal products. It’s a brand of women’s shoes exclusively, which also means there is an abundance of purses, bags and similar goods.

Meaning and History

The company was started in 2010 on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The sea motive is where the company took inspiration for their image. The name ‘Unisa’ doesn’t mean anything in particular, except it’s a soothing name that can be displayed in a harmonious, smooth way on a logotype.

2010 – today

Unisa logo

On the logo, the name is depicted in a line of smooth, rounded letters some distance from one another. Because of it, three of these characters look very alike: ‘U’ and ‘N’ are basically the same horseshoe form, and ‘A’ is the same thing, but with a central bar. These round shapes are supposed to resemble the waves. Moreover, the letter ‘S’ is rotated into a semi-horizontal position and stretched so that it looks like a mildly curved line with hooks on either side – just like a wave.

The coloring is normally black for these letters.