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The logo of the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin has gone through about 25 modifications over the company’s more than 260-year history.

Meaning and history

Vacheron Constantin Logo

The brand’s roots can be traced back to 1755. It was created in Geneva, Switzerland, by Jean-Marc Vacheron.

The iconic emblem, which features an eight-pointed cross comprised of four “V”-shaped elements, was registered with the Swiss federal trademark office in Bern in 1880. This shape has been used in many heraldic emblems since the Modern era, at least. Today, it’s known under the name of the Maltese cross and is associated mainly with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, although it can also be seen on emblems of quite a few other organizations.

Over the years, the cross on the Vacheron Constantin logo has changed its size and shape. On several versions, it was replaced by one or two horseshoes or a trident. There’ve also been a couple of logotypes without any pictorial elements.

What is Vacheron Constantin?
Vacheron Constantin, established in 1755 in Switzerland, is one of the oldest and most prestigious watch manufacturers in the world. The brand is famous for its masterful craftsmanship, intricate designs, and producing highly complicated and refined timepieces.

Why did choose this emblem?

Vacheron Constantin emblem

The shape of the cross was inspired by the shape of a former movement component of a watch. Due to this component, which was mounted on the barrel cover and helped to make the force from the spring as constant as possible, a watch got a better rate. This shape was chosen as a symbol of the brand’s never-ending quest for precision.


Vacheron Constantin symbol

The Vacheron Constantin logo features a simple and clean sans serif typeface.


Vacheron Constantin

While historically the logo has been typically given in black on a white background, the brand sometimes uses gold, silver, or grey versions.

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