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The original Breguet logo featured just the master’s signature in a stylish script with elaborate curlicues on the initial and last letters.

Meaning and history

Breguet watch logo

Upon joining the Swiss manufacturer of watches and jewelry the Swatch Group in 1999, the company updated its visual brand identity with probably the most known Breguet design element – the so-called hollow apple or Breguet hands.

All the modifications that took place later were quite subtle and didn’t affect the overall look of the emblem – the logo became flatter because the shades behind the script and hands were removed.

What is Breguet?
Breguet is a Swiss luxury watchmaker with a storied history dating back to 1775. The brand is synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and elegant designs, and is known for inventing the tourbillon, a significant advancement in watchmaking.

“Hollow apple” symbol

Breguet symbol

The “Hollow apple” is the name of the unusual watch hands that were introduced by Abraham-Louis Breguet as long ago as in 1783. At the time, watch hands were typically very broad and comprised a lot of decorative elements. In addition to this, they were very short, which made reading the dial even more difficult. Breguet not only made the internal mechanisms of watches more efficient but also revolutionized the face by introducing more functional and aesthetically pleasing hands. Long and thin, they became known under the name of Breguet hands, a hollow apple, or a crescent moon.


Breguet watch

The font seen on the Breguet watch faces appears to be ITC Edwardian Script Regular. This is the name of an elegant script font developed by Edward Benguiat and published by the type foundry ITC.



The default color choice for the Breguet logo is black (for the emblem) and white (for the background), which can be replaced by other colors when featured on products.