Omega Logo

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Omega logo
Another successful example of a remarkably long-standing commercial emblem, the logo of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega SA has remained almost the same for more than a hundred years. The only notable modifications have been connected with the color scheme.

Meaning and history

Omega Logo history

The symbolism behind the Omega logo is pretty obvious. The shape that forms the basis of the logo is Omega, the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. The choice seems absolutely natural for a company with such a name. The symbol has classic proportions like it has in the alphabet.
We should point out that the letter Omega is also sometimes considered a symbol of perfection. The association can be explained in this way: the last letter of the alphabet as the symbol of the final touch, and thus, perfection. The kind of timepiece that a person wouldn’t like to replace by something different, the last timepiece a person would have.


Omega logo watch
To make the emblem stand out, the designer who worked on the logo decided to set the name of the brand in a very simple and unpretentious typeface. It combines the circle-based “O” and “G” with the sharp angles of the “A” and “M.”


Omega logo
In most cases, the Omega brand gives its logo in red on a white background. Yet, other versions are also possible. Earlier, it was often given in a reverse palette (white on red) or in black and white. Gold, silver, and black are the typical colors for the Omega logo when it appears on watch faces.