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Over as long as more than a hundred years, the overall look of the Seiko logo has remained virtually unchanged.

Meaning and history

Seiko Logo history

The history of the company started in 1881 when Kintarō Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop in Tokyo. The first watch under the Seiko brand was made in 1924. Today, the Seiko Holdings Corporation produces a variety of products, including not only watches, but also jewelry, optical products, and more. If you consider buying a watch by this marque, you may ask yourself: “Is Seiko a good brand?” The answer depends mostly on what exactly you’re looking in a timepiece.

What is Seiko?
Seiko is a Japanese company founded in 1881, recognized for its precision and innovation in watchmaking. Seiko introduced the world’s first quartz watch and continues to be a leader in watch technology, offering a wide range of timepieces.


Seiko emblem

What makes the Seiko watch brand stand out among many other companies is that, in spite of its long history, it hasn’t actually introduced any notable modifications into its emblem. One of the reasons why the emblem has lasted through decades is its simplicity.


Seiko watch brand

If you take a closer look at the type seen on the Seiko watch logo and compare it to the Warrior Bold font, you’ll discover they look very similar, although the type was definitely customized. The geometric slab serif font Warrior Bold was developed by Jason Castle.


Seiko watch logo

By default, the Seiko logo is black on a white background. And yet, the palette may be changed when the emblem appears on a product depending on its type and color.