TAG Heuer Logo

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TAG Heuer Logo
The colorful palette and bold shapes make the logo of the TAG Heuer watch brand stand out among its competitors.

Meaning and history

TAG Heuer Logo history

The company was established in 1860 under the name of Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. In 1985, the TAG Group took control over the brand, while in 1999, LVMH purchased nearly 100 percent of the company.
The earliest version of the TAG Heuer logo was basically a five-sided shield, inside of which the word “Heuer” was housed. After the merger with the private holding company TAG, its logo was added to the original one. It was placed over it, to form a single shape. After that, the lettering “TAG Heuer Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” appeared below.

Current emblem

TAG Heuer emblem
Today, the text can be seen not below, but to the right of the emblem. Also, you can see differences in the way the word “TAG” is given: the arrows present on the previous version have disappeared, and now the logo features a clear and perfectly legible sans serif type. This modification took place in 2015.


TAG Heuer watch logo
The TAG Heuer watch logo combines two versions of presumably one and the same typeface called Gill Sans, which was developed by Eric Gill. While the lettering “TAG” appears to feature Gill Sans Bold, the word “Heuer” is given in Gill Sans Light.


TAG Heuer
The color scheme of the current TAG Heuer logo includes green, red orange, white, and black – quite a diverse palette for a watch brand.