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Wipro is an Indian brand of a leading technology and consulting service company. It was established in 1945 by Mohamed Premji. Today the company has 175 thousand of employees and operates across all the six continents.

What is the symbol of WiproLimited?
The symbol of Wipro Limited is a bright rainbow-colored circular composition, formed by numerous solid dots of different sizes. The circle is composed of four rings, where the dots get larger from the interior ring to the exterior one, and the colors get darker from left to right in each of the layers of the emblem.

Meaning and history

Wipro Logo history

The WIPRO logo has no rich history, but two of the versions, created for the company in 1998 and 2017, are very bright and creative, pointing on the endless possibilities of the company and its special and unique approach to the Lester technologies.

What is Wipro?
Wipro is an Indian company, engaged in providing technology services to businesses across the globe. The company, which specialized in cyber security and cloud technologies, was established in 1945, and during the first decades of its history worked as a vegetable oils manufacturer.

1998 — 2017

Wipro Logo 1998

The logo, introduced by WIPRO in 1998 boasted a very detailed sunflower, placed above the sleek and elegant wordmark with a tagline, and enclosed into a thin blue circular frame.

The sunflower was diagonally colored into green, yellow, red, purple, and blue, the colors of the rainbow, evoking a sense of happiness, passion, and joy. The bright composition was balanced by a black inscription, executed in a custom typeface with the end of the letter lines elongated and sharpened.

The “Applying Thought” tagline was written in a simple sans-serif cursive, adding a touch of professionalism and stability.

2017 — Today

Wipro logo

The redesign of 2017 completely changed the concept of the visual identity design for the brand. Its wordmark was changed from the capitalized inscription to a lowercase one, and the fancy smooth typeface was replaced by a simple and straight sans-serif. The colorful sunflower was removed, and now the WIPRO emblem featured a circular shape, composed of numerous solid dots in a gradient rainbow palette. The dots form four circles and feature four different sizes, representing growth and progress.

Font and Color

The lowercase WIPRO wordmark is executed in a smooth and modern sans-serif typeface which is very close to such fonts as Brandon Grotesque Office Bold and Fibra One Bold, but with some lines modified and without any dot above the letter “I”, as it is replaced by one of the circles of the emblem, in green.

The multicolor palette of the WIPRO logo is a representation of a multitasking and progressive company, which can provide its customers with all the possible technologies and not just follows the latest trends, but goes further and faster.

Logo Wipro

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