Wipro Logo

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Wipro Logo
Wipro is an Indian brand of a leading technology and consulting service company. It was established in 1945 by Mohamed Premji. Today the company has 175 thousand of employees and operates across all the six continents.

Meaning and history

Wipro Logo history

The Wipro logo is fresh, colorful and vivid. It is a lively kaleidoscope of colors.
The logo is composed of all-lowercase lettering of the wordmark in dark purple, which is rounded with 4 rows of dots in a rich color palette.
Each color of the logo kaleidoscope stands for one of the brand’s values and principles.
Logo Wipro
It is a very smart and interesting concept, which shows the brand’s creativity and attention to its consumers.
The Wipro logo evokes happy feelings, it is a celebration of friendship and success, energy and innovations.