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The University of Miami logo, often nicknamed “the U” has influenced the University’s culture in many ways. For instance, there is even the U statue on campus.

The famous logo was created in 1973. The authors of the logo were Julian Cole and graphic artist Bill Bodenhamer. The emblem was commissioned by the Athletic Federation. It featured the letter “U” split in two halves: one orange, the other one green.

Although the University has had several other emblems before, ranging from an M to UM, none of them has been as successful. In 1979 UM President Henry King Stanford was going to change the logo, but it remained untouched due to the “Save the U” campaign started by students.

Logo University of Miami

Font and color

The classy and simple visual identity of the University of Miami looks timeless and elegant, yet at the same time very lively and progressive due to its bright color palette. The serif uppercase lettering of the logo is executed in a font, which is very similar to Century Schoolbook Pro Regular and Clarion Pro Regular.

As for the color palette, it is a combination of dark forest-green, and calm intense orange. Green is a perfect color for any educational institution, as stands for progress, life, and new beginnings, while orange adds energy, happiness, and passion to the mood of the visual identity.

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