MIT Logo


MIT is the acronym for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – a large scientific and educational organization, located in Cambridge, US. MIT serves as the world leader in technological innovations and science research. They’re focused on preparing highly skilled professionals in the fields of economics, business, politics, engineering, and others. There are hundreds of degree granting programs of education, explored by over a thousand professors, distributed across 5 schools and 1 college.

Meaning and history

MIT Logo history

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in 1861 after a proposal from a local scientist named William Barton Rogers. The classes started only in 1865 because of Civil War broken out two days after the foundation. Despite its clear financial troubles at the start, MIT rapidly developed new programs and erected new buildings for colleges and students housing.

It was designed to cause its students improve their skills by researching, make technological innovations, and propose new ideas in the areas of technology, as well as liberal and industrial sciences. MIT developed this conception throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, making reforms time to time. The curricular program made a charge on the practical education rather than on theoretical one.

What is MIT?
MIT is one of the scientific and educational engines of the United States of America. This is an educational institution, conducting scientific and educational operations, meant to advance the technological power of the US and the whole world. Over a thousand professors lecture various degree programs to the students from across the world. There are 5 large schools and 1 college, studying 30+ directions of study and controlling many departments, laboratories, and centers.

1864 – today

MIT Logo 1864

The official seal of the university consisted of a circular image featuring an outer frame, a zone with the inscription and a central picture.

The seal’s external layer was limited from the outside by a thin line. From the deeper parts of the seal, it was bordered by two lines, one bold, one thin. The next zone features the ‘Massachusetts’ word placed prominently at the top, and the ‘Institute of Technology’ placed centrally at the bottom. There are also two stars placed on the opposite poles of the sigil.

The central picture showed a rostrum with three books named ‘science’, ‘and’, and ‘arts’ respectively. The rostrum also showed a laurel wreath covering the ‘1861’ number. To the left, there is a smith, standing behind an anvil and carrying a hummer. To the right, we can see a scholar reading a book standing on a footstool with one foot. Below the rostrum, they drew a ribbon with the ‘mens et manus’ motto, meaning ‘mind and hand’.

2003 – today

MIT Logo

The official logotype of the institute is an image with a stylized acronym and the full brand name. The acronym is composed of several rectangles having gaps between one another. They are drawn in such a way, so you can easily recognize the ‘mit’ inscription. The full name is written as a three-line inscription, placed to the right from the acronym.


MIT Emblem

The coloring of both the logotype and the sigil includes red and white palette. In the seal, we can see the red lines, pictures, and words. The men are drawn in red contours. Usually, there is no any background. But in the cases if there is one, its color is white. The logotype features red letters and bars of the acronym. The only exception is the lower bar of the ‘i’ character in the abbreviation, which is gray.


MIT Symbol

The seal features the bold typeface with small serifs, reminding the well-known Times New Roman. There are small intervals between the capitalized characters. The ‘of’ word is slightly downsized. The names of the books and the motto are made in the similar script, but lightened. In the logo, we can see the name caption of the typical bold sans-serif font with the first letters capitalized.

What does the MIT logo mean?
The MIT abbreviation stands for the Massachusetts Institute of a technology, and its logo perfectly represent the main focus and specialization of this educational institution. The MIT badge is composed of a stylized emblem, where the abbreviation is formed by seven geometric figures, pointing on the technology and engineering. Each of the rectangles and squares in the icon stand for the microcircuit element.

What is the logo of MIT?
The logo of the MIT is composed of a stylish geometric emblem, followed by a three-leveled inscription with the full name of the Institute. The emblem, executed in a dark-red and gray color palette, depicts a stylized MIT abbreviation, formed by rectangles and squares, representing the main focus of the university and making up a microcircuit-like image. As for the lettering, it is, on the contrary, very traditional, executed in a full-shaped sans-serif font, in the title case.

What is the font of the MIT logo?
The dark red three-leveled inscription with the full name of the university, set in the right from the MIT emblem, is set in a traditional bold sans-serif font, which looks pretty similar to News Gothic SH Bold, or ATF Franklin Gothic Office Bold, the two heavy-weight types with rounded contours of the characters and straight cuts of the bars.