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University of Maryland is an American academic organization, which appeared in 1856 and is now placed in Washington agglomeration. This is a large land-granting university, which manages 12 colleges and schools, as well as educational centers and labs. In these facilities, more than 4500 academicians, together with their students, conduct scientific researches, related to liberal arts, fine arts, and natural sciences. Multiple disciplines are studied in over 200 academic programs, designed according to ‘living learning’ model.

Meaning and history

University of Maryland Logo history

The university’s first incarnation was established in the 1850s as Maryland Agricultural College. The main direction of this institution was related to chemistry, biology, engineering, and other sciences related to agriculture. In 1859, the first 34 students enrolled in MAC. 5 years later, it was turned into a land-grant college.

After the American Civil War, the college endured financial troubles. In 1866, the government of the state had received a half of the whole institution, so it became state-conditioned. In 1916, the state took the full control of the organization. It was transformed into Maryland State College. The next milestone in the history of the organization was its merging with the University of Maryland in 1920. The college replaced St. John’s College, Annapolis, as the university’s students’ campus.

What is University of Maryland?
University of Maryland is an American academic organization, which was established in 1856 and is now located in the city of College Park, Maryland. Together, the institution’s 12 colleges explore multiple disciplines in the fields of humanitarian and technical studies. The university’s nearness to the capital of the country helps it receive funding for numerous researching campaigns. The university offers around 200 degree programs with living-learning incline and high-tech scientific equipment. These programs help you receive first-level preparation in various specialties, such as business, history, philosophy, agriculture, and others.

1920 – today

University of Maryland Logo 1920

The seal of the university consists of two features: an external hoop and an internal area with an ornament. On the hoop, the brand designers have written an inscription with the name of the brand and the year of foundation. The words are placed evenly at the perimeter of the hoop. The central part of the seal is drawn in four blocks. The first and fourth blocks have a pattern complied of multiple squares. The second and third blocks have a pattern featuring a crest, highlighted by the game of colors. What’s also notable is that the whole central part has a convex shape.

1920 – today

University of Maryland Logo

The university’s corporate logotype has been composed of the two-level nameplate. The ‘Maryland’ word dominates the wordmark, as it’s enlarged and has a bolder font.


University of Maryland Symbol

For the U of M corporate seal and logotype, the brand designers agreed to use a single font. It has a semibold typeface with slim serifs. However, there are differences in the seal and logotype lettering. In the nameplate, the words are bolder than in the seal. Also, the letters in the logotype are bigger in the seal.


University of Maryland Emblem

The color schemes of the two marks have a different style. In the seal, the designers decided to paint the outer frame white, write black letters on it, and border it with black lines. The ornament at the center is complied of black, yellow, white and red shades. The square pattern is black and yellow. The pattern with the crest is half red, half white.