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University of Cincinnati is an American organization which provides people with teaching services. It’s based in the United States, Ohio. Their educational programs include high quality preparation of specialists in various areas of humanities and natural arts. The professional professors of the university maintain working process in 4 major campuses and 14 self-contained colleges, which specialize in their own programs. There are also many smaller units of the UC, which are spread across the country.

Meaning and history

Cincinnati College was established in 1819 as a small facility, funded by local rich men. Its specialty was law and science. However, the college has lived only six years before it was closed. In 1835, the institute was relaunched and merged with Cincinnati Law School. In 1870 the University of Cincinnati was chartered by the Ohio governmental assembly. A few decades after this reorganization, the special seal and logotype was brought to the institute by the brand designers and adopted by the management.

What is University of Cincinnati?
University of Cincinnati is an American researching institution, established in the end of 1810s. The main campus of the university is based in Ohio, in the city of Cincinnati, after which it was named. There are also 4 additional campuses and 14 colleges, occupied by science activity in their own academic directions and professional specialties. The programs include various subjects rather for humanitarian students, from business to architecture. However, there are also natural sciences in the list of the university’s offered studies.

1819 – today

University of Cincinnati Logo

The primary logotype features the plate with the name of the organization, written in a two-line inscription. Above it, there is a ‘UC’ monogram.


University of Cincinnati Seal

The seal consists of an oval frame with line from up and down. On the frame, we can read the name and the year of the foundation of College of Cincinnati. Deeper in the seal, the designers have drawn a shield with justice scales, placed above a sword crossing a caduceus. To the left and right from the scales, we can see two Latin words: Juncta (Strength) and Juvant (Unity). Around the shield, there is an ornament consisting of many leaves and other symbols. Below it, a line with ‘Alta Petit’ slogan is shown In English, it means ‘Seek the highest’.


The fonts used in the two logotypes have roughly contrasting moods and styles. In the insignia, the inscriptions have a fully capitalized typeface with large serifs and very small gaps between characters. This font is very stylish yet easy to use on important documents and papers of the university. In the primary logo, the name is written in a two-line inscription. The upper part, ‘University of’, has the first letter capitalized, and all others featured in a lowercase style. This part also has bold lines as well as prominent and angular serifs. The lower part is fully uppercase. It has sharp ends of all letters, executed in quite bold lines.


The coloring of the seal and the logotype vary too. On the black seal, we can see dark brown lines and inscriptions. The shield at the center has a bright red shade, which makes the whole insignia stylish and eye-catching. The logotype consists of black words and bright red monogram above them.