Ohio State Logo

Ohio State Logo
The approach to branding used by The Ohio State University is called “monolithic,” or a “branded house.” It means that the Ohio State emblem is the main identifier in all communications, while any supplementary iconography, marks or artwork is allowed only if they are placed at a certain distance from the primary emblem. In addition to the main logo, the University has a seal and an athletic logo.

Meaning and History logo

Ohio State Logo

The academic logo is comprised of the Block “O” emblem and the wordmark. The capital “O” has a diamond shape due to the cut corners. The letter itself is scarlet with two frames, white and grey. The Block “O” can’t be used without the wordmark, which can be displayed either to the right or below. The lettering features grey characters combined with a baseline.

University seal

ohio state university logo
The seal is based on a shield shape containing an “O,” an opened book, and a buckeye – the symbol of Ohio. The shield is encircled with the name of the University, while the year when it was founded is given below.
The old seal featured a circular “O” and the following colors: dark red, yellow, white, black, and green. In 2013, the seal was updated to include an “O” with cut angles like the one featured in the primary Ohio State logo. The color scheme was modified, too. It now sports two shades of red, grey, and white. The use of the seal is limited to several official sources.

Old athletic symbol

Ohio State symbol
In 1958 – 1986, the logo of the Ohio State Buckeyes athletic teams representing the University was very simple: just the Block “O” in red with two frames: a white and a black one. In 1987, the frames went black, while the white words “Ohio State” with a black outline appeared in front of the Block “O.” Also, the proportions of the “O” were slightly modified.

The 2013 athletic emblem

Ohio State emblem
In 2013, the characters in the lettering “Ohio State” were colored black As the University later explained, this was done in order to make the logo more appropriate for digital media. In fact, the new logo boasts greater legibility, in comparison with its predecessor.
Also, the Ohio State Buckeyes went through a series of secondary logos depicting the club’s mascot, Brutus Buckeye. The mascot was introduced in 1965. The reason why the plant had been chosen was very simple: the buckeye is the official tree of Ohio.


The Ohio State University wordmark features a highly legible serif typeface with classic glyphs. At first glance, it may appear a bit like one of the University’s official fonts, Capita, yet Capita has softer, rounded angles, while the wordmark font has sharper angles.
The athletic logo isn’t based on any of the existing fonts. However, there exists a fan made typeface imitating the glyphs used in the wordmark. The type is called Ohio Collegiate.


Colors Ohio State logo
The University’s official colors are scarlet and gray. While this is the preferable combination, in some circumstances the Ohio State logo may be given in scarlet and black or just one of the three colors with white for the background.