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Unversity of Delaware is an American educational organization. It’s one of the most successful universities in Delaware. The institution carries more than 300 bachelor, magister and doctoral programs with humanitarian and natural corner across its eight colleges, spread across the Delaware state and the whole nation. Delaware is also known for its land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant activity, done in partnership with the government. The establishment of the university took place in the middle of 1740s, making it one of the oldest educational institutions in the United States.

Meaning and history

The first incarnation of the university was Free School. It bore the name during its early years, when Francis Alison, the governmental minister working in New London, Pensylvania, opened a publically available school in his house. It often changed its name throughout the 18th century. In 1765, the institution moved to Newark, Delaware, and changed its name to Newark Academy. In 1833, it became a college. Ten years later, due to the rapid growth of the students and professors number in the organization, it became Delaware College. During the WWI, the university educated only women and bore the name Women’s College of Delaware. The current name appeared only in 1921, as well as logotype and seal.

What is University of Delaware?
University of Delaware is one of the first universities in the United States, formed as a small ‘Free school’ in Pennsylvania at the start, but then transformed into a large educational institution in Newark, Ohio. They provide people with knowledge in various areas of science, structured in 300+ academic programs, lectured and examined by competent professors across 8 colleges. Delaware is also a granting university: students who make achievements in education and science receive land as property.

1921 – today

University of Delaware Logo

The primary logo features the word mark of the university. It has a special element, which makes the whole mark distinguished and eye-catching: the first letters of both the ‘University’ and ‘Delaware’ words in this two-line inscription intertwine each other and form the ‘UD’ monogram. There is no background of the watermark. It’s supposed to represent the university in marketing materials as well as official social media platforms and website pages.


University of Delaware Seal

The seal of the university reflects its unchanging corporate style and mood of endless enlightenment. The main position in the whole insignia is given to a book, on which we can see the original disciplines of the institution. Around the book, we can see multiple strokes reminding sunrays. It’s a nod to the university’s slogan, which is placed in an area below ‘Scientia Sol Mentis Est’, or ‘Knowledge is the light of the mind’. All the written above is located in a small circle, limited by a line. In the outer area of the seal, we can see the inscription ‘The Seal of the University of Delaware’, written in Latin language. Also, there is the year of foundation of the Free School at the bottom of the insignia. The entire seal has a fat external outline and a pattern of many rectangles. The seal is an indispensable component of all of Delaware University’s official papers.


The fonts of both the primary logotype of the university and its seal insignia represent similar yet contrasting styles. The seal version of the name has received an uppercase typeface with straight and bold letters of the same height. There are also elegant serifs, which serve as an ornament for the whole insignia. The main feature of this font is that the characters ‘V’ and ‘U’ have the same appearance. As for the main logo of the university’s brand, so we can clearly see that all the serif letters are capitals, but the first ‘U’ and ‘D’ are larger. Also, the ‘of’ word is down scaled. Another feature of this typeface is that some symbols are joined to one another by top or bottom connections.


The coloring palettes for their graphic identity, however, aren’t very extensive. The primary logo features a bright blue word mark. In the seal, we can notice white lines, located on the same bright blue background. Tin contrast, the book is white with blue words on it.