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Boston University is an educational organization located in The United States. In was founded in 1839 in Vermont, but then moved to Boston in 1867. The university specializes in researching, analyzing and classification of information in various areas of medicine, business, law and others. They provide bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctor degrees.

Meaning and history

Boston University Logo history

Boston University, founded in 1839 by Methodists with the aim of promoting religious education, has grown into a renowned research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally established as a theological school, it transformed into a comprehensive university, gaining recognition for its expansive curriculum and commitment to academic excellence.

The university’s main achievements include a strong emphasis on research, with notable contributions in various fields such as medicine, engineering, and law. It has produced a number of distinguished alumni, including Martin Luther King Jr., who received his Ph.D. in theology from BU. The institution’s Law School and School of Medicine are particularly renowned, often ranking among the top schools in the United States.

Currently, Boston University holds a significant position in higher education. It continues to expand its research capabilities and global outreach, maintaining a diverse student body and faculty. The university is known for its robust scholarship programs and commitment to inclusive education, making it a prestigious and progressive choice for students worldwide.

What is Boston University?
Boston University is a private research university known for its diverse academic programs and significant contributions in various fields. It remains a leading institution in education and research, offering a dynamic learning environment.

1867 – today

Boston University Logo 1867

The seal of the university appeared when it moved to Boston in 1867. The mark depicts a Boston panorama in a circle. The circle itself is embedded into a crest with stripped pattern. All this shows off inside a bigger circular frame, whcih had four triangular ornaments. The external part of the seal had an inscription ‘Universitas Bostoniensis Condita MDCCCXXXIX’, meaning ‘University of Boston Founded 1837’. The whole seal also had a circular outline (The last one).

2005 – today

Boston University Logo

The modern logotype of the brand depicts a red rectangle with a white outline. On it, the university design team has drawn a nameplate. It has a thin script with large serifs. The letters themselves have an uppercase style. The upper ‘Boston’ word has a dominant position in the logo, as it is way bigger the ‘University’ part placed below.

Font and color

Boston University Emblem

Both the seal and the logotype use the same color palette – red and white. For the seal, the designers used red for outlines, frames and inscriptions, while white was used to draw the inner part of the seal. The modern mark uses a rectangle entirely colored red. It has a white contour. For the name, they made a white coloring. The font, however, is different for two logotypes. The seal inscriptions use an uppercase script with bold letters which have small serifs. The modern nameplate has a thin and slim type with large high serifs.