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University of South Florida is an American top tier researching and educational organization, headquartered in Tampa. Being the 11th largest educational institution in the USA, the university consists of 14 colleges or schools, as well as multiple centers and labs. In these facilities, many pedagogues explore more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study. USF also carries many smaller organizations. There are National Academy of Inventors, Florida Inventors Hall of Fame, and athletic teams.

Meaning and history

University of South Florida Logo history

Founded in the middle of 1950s, USF became the first university in Florida to be erected in the 20th century. The USF location was Henderson Air Field, an abandoned WWII airstrip. The institution construction was led by Samuel Gibbons, the first president of the university, later known as the ‘Father of USF’. Although it was established in 1956, the official ‘University of South Florida’ name was adopted only in 1957. The lectures began in 1960, while the first graduation occurred in 1963. The university seal was introduced in 1961, at the time with adoption the university’s original mascot – Golden Brahman.

What is University of South Florida?
University of South Florida is an educational organization. Having its main campus in Tampa, United States, USF includes 14 colleges or schools, multiple centers and labs, in which thousands of students and professors explore 200 degree-granting programs in multiple directions of liberal and technical arts.

1961 – today

University of South Florida Seal

The university seal is a circle shaped from the two elements: the center and the ring. The ring, contoured by bold lines from the external and internal sides, depicts the university name and the date of foundation. The central part features a globe, which is split by many meridians and parallels. To the left side from the planet, there is sun with a circular middle, on which is a spiny ring with many sunrays shining everything in multiple directions. At the bottom of this part of the seal, there is lamp and two lines with ‘Truth’ and ‘Wisdom’ words on them.

1956 – today

University of South Florida Logo

The university logotype is the nameplate written in a two-line inscription, where the lower ‘South Florida’ part was enlarged. To the left, there is the head of the brand’s mascot, adopted in the 80s – the Bull.


The font of the university seal depicts wide yet slim letters with serifs. The inscription is executed in all capital characters, and there are small gaps between them. The ‘Truth and Wisdom’ motto has a straight sans-serif typeface almost with very small gaps in between. The logo nameplate has the similar font as the motto: the letters are semibold and sans-serif. However, there are differences: the gaps are wider.


Traditionally, the general palette for both the logo and the seal was green with some additional shades. In the seal, there is a green and white globe located above a beige lamp and below a beige and white sun. There are also two white lines with the green words from the motto. The background for the central part is green. The ring is white and there is a green inscription on it. There are two beige contours from inner and outer sides. As for the logo, so its’ fully green except for a beige outline of a bull head.