Like most major universities, The University of California, Los Angeles has two primary logos: an athletic UCLA logo and an institutional one.

Meaning and history


The primary institutional logo is very simple. It features the capitalized letters “UCLA” in blue. Each of the glyphs is given in the same type and size as the rest of the line.

This logotype exists in three versions: the letters can stand alone, be boxed, or accompanied by yellow dots. When the letters stand alone, they are given in blue, while the background is white. Alternatively, the white lettering can be placed in a blue or black box. Additionally, the logotype may be adorned with the so-called molecule design. It suggests placing two yellow dots before and after the lettering.

Athletic emblem

UCLA emblem

The sports program of the University of California, Los Angeles is called the UCLA Bruins. The name was adopted in 1928. During its first seasons (starting from 1919), the team was known as the Cubs. In 1923, it chose the name Grizzlies, but had to get rid of it in four years as the University of Montana had prior rights to it.

california state university los angeles logo

The university sport program has gone through several logotypes during its 100-year history. The 1964 wordmark basically looked very much like the current one, but the lines creating the letters were narrower. Also, the end of the “a” was prolonged to “underline” the word “UCLA.” The 1996 version introduced plumper letterforms. The prolonged end of the “a” grew wider and housed the word “Bruins” in yellow. Eventually, this element was removed from the logotype, which made the emblem look cleaner.

Current symbol

UCLA symbol

The current athletic emblem features a UCLA script in blue against the white background. The script can be given with a white outline on the blue or gold background.


Font UCLA Logo

The school uses the Karbon font for its printed materials. The UCLA logo is given in another typeface, though. It is a clean and modern sans serif type with the distinctive “A” featuring a sharp vertex. Both the primary and secondary athletics logos are given in custom typefaces.


color UCLA Logo

The University of California’s signature colors are blue and gold. The bright and vivid shade of the UCLA gold (Hex: #FFE800) symbolizes the legendary California poppy and sunsets. The dark azure shade of blue (Hex: #3284BF) represents the ocean and the wildflowers typical for the state. The hues have not stayed the same throughout the school’s history. The blue color, for instance, has varied from sky to royal.

The UCLA athletics brand colors are almost the same, although there is a slight shift in the shades:

  • blue: PMS 2386 C and Hex: 2D68C4
  • gold: PMS 130 C and Hex: F2A900

UCLA Bruins football

UCLA Bruins football logo

The Bruins are a member of the Pac-12 Conference at the NCAA Division I FBS level. They have won 17 conference championships, as of 2019. Their head coach is Chip Kelly. The Bruins play their home games at the Rose Bowl Stadium.

UCLA Bruins basketball

UCLA Bruins basketball logo

The basketball program, which is a member of the Pac-12 Conference, has been very successful. The men’s team has won 11 NCAA titles. We should point out, though, that 10 out of these titles were won under coach John Wooden. The latest NCAA title was won in 1995 (under Jim Harrick).

The highest achievements of the women’s team took place in 1999 and 2018 when they reached the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight. As of 2019, they have competed in the NCAA Tournaments 16 times.

UCLA Bruins baseball

UCLA Bruins baseball logo

The Bruins are a member of the NCAA Division I Pac-12 Conference. They are known as the 2013 NCAA Tournament champions, while the total number of the NCAA Tournament appearances has reached 23. As of 2019, John Savage, the head coach of the team, has occupied this post for 15 seasons.