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The University of California is one of the most famous educational organizations in the USA. It was established in 1868. The University consists of ten campuses and has more than 250 thousand students.

Meaning and history

The University of California used one seal as the visual identity basis during 144 years of its history. The rounded emblem depicted an opened book, a five-pointed Star above it, the “Let There be Light” motto, placed on a ribbon at the bottom of the book, and a wordmark with the establishment date around its perimeter.

It was an iconic emblem, which became synonymous to the University. But they decided it was time for changes and in 2010 designed a new visual identity, which failed. The light blue rounded shield contained a circular yellow line, which was resembling a washing machine symbol. So the concept didn’t work.

University of California Logo

Today the University of California uses a text-based logo. All capital letters of the wordmark are executed in a contemporary sans-serif typeface, Kievet. The inscription is enclosed in a thin rectangular frame, which uses the same color as the lettering — bright blue.

The blue and white color palette of the University of California logo is a reflection of freedom, innovations, and creativity. It is fresh and crispy.

The University also has a separate icon to be used on websites and mobile apps. It is composed of a bright blue square with a flatter ends geometric letter “C” (for California) in white. It is edgy, strong and memorable.

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