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KPU is an abbreviation for Kwantlen Polytechnic University, which was established in British Columbia, Canada in 1981. The university is known for its diverse program and a rich choice of specialization. One of the largest educational centers in its country, KPU is a home for more than 20 thousand students.

Meaning and history

KPU logo

The visual identity of the Canadian University looks very stylish and progressive due to the use of minimalist geometric shapes for its emblem and clean lines of letters for the logotype, which is usually set on the right from the graphical part.

The emblem of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University is composed of a burgundy horizontal line and a chevron executed in the same color and touching the line with its sharp peak. This strict and simple composition evokes a sense of fundamentality and stability, along with growth and development. It also resembles a flying bird, the symbol of freedom of mind and spirit, and this is what the University tends to give to its students.

Under the burgundy emblem, there is a black KPU abbreviation set in bold sans-serif typeface with its letter contours clean and shapes — full. The very thin and light vertical line separated the emblem from the wordmark, which is set in three levels, but sometimes can be written in one line.

The logotype is set in the uppercase and executed in a simple yet modern sans-serif typeface with medium-weight lines and neat contours.

Simple shapes and a strict color palette of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University visual identity represent the educational organization as a confident and professional one and show its values of knowledge, innovations, and attention to its students, which is the most important part of any University life and prosperity.

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