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aol logo
Multinational mass media corporation AOL has surprised the world with their new brand identity. The history of the company started in the middle of the 1990s, and since then they have become one of the most recognizable web brands in the USA. The logo of the corporation has been changing through years. And today we see a new page in its history.

Logo history

AOL logo history

The first appearance of the company took place in 1983. During that time, they were known as Control Video Corporation. Then in the 1990s, they became America Online and gradually transformed into today’s AOL – diversified corporation. The logos have changed together with the company. The first one belonged to CVC. The next one appeared after the rebranding in 1991. In 1992, the company stayed the same but the logo was modified. The last rebranding of America Online and logo modification was in 2006. After this, they dropped the last known name and adopted AOL. Their new emblem was similar to the previous ones, but with the other title. They needed a new brand – not as an access point but as a media corporation. They hired a design house to reach the goal. In 2015, they amazed the public with another new logo.


aol symbol
Today’s design is represented by the yellow guy (who once was a part of AOL logo) and a lowercase “aim”. That yellow figure used to appear on the screen, during the time while loading of America Online. And it is back in the new design today. The word is an abbreviation of the earlier logo phrase – AOL Instant Messenger. The contemporary emblem is simple and symbolic. They used old ideas to create something fresh and new.