United Colors of Benetton Logo

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United Colors of Benetton LogoUnited Colors of Benetton Logo PNG

We should start the history of the United Colors of Benetton logo from 1965-66 when the icon featuring a stylized knitting stitch was added to the word “Benetton” for the first time. Back then, the name of the brand was “Maglierie Benetton.”

Meaning and history

United Colors of Benetton Logo history

In 1972, the word “Maglierie” was removed, while the stitch became black (like the lettering). In 1977, a green box appeared in the background.
In 1989, the stitch and the lowercase word “Benetton” were replaced by the new name “United Colors of Benetton.” It could also be seen inside a green box. The emblem was designed by Toscani. In 1996, the lettering shifted to the top right corner, while the color grew somewhat cooler. This version was developed by Vignelli.
United Colors of Benetto logo
The 2009 update, which was designed by Pentagram partners Daniel Weil and Michael Bierut, was a pretty subtle one. Now, the United Colors of Benetton logo features the company’s new proprietary typeface (replacing Gill Sans) developed by Joe Finocchiaro. While the difference is hardly noticeable, you can clearly see it in the “R” and “S,” for instance.