UNID is the shortened name of the Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo, or the University of Development, established in Mexico at the beginning of the 2000s. Being one of the youngest Universities in its country, UNID has grown into a huge and very reputable institution with more than 40 locations across the country.

Meaning and history


UNID is a very young educational organization; which was only established in 2004, so the visual identity was set in the same years and hasn’t changed since that time.

It is a very cool and modern emblem, which perfectly reflects the character of the university and its concentration on innovations and progress.

The UNID logo is executed in a white, yellow, and blue color palette, where the main version is composed of a bold white logotype with a small yellow element on one of the letters, placed on a solid blue background.

The white uppercase inscription is placed after a bold white color punctuation sign and written in a stable and clean sans-serif typeface with the letter “I” standing out, having straight elongated serifs from both top and bottom sides.

As for the only colorful element, it is a sharp yellow triangle, which is set on top of the right bar of the “U”, being outlined in blue, so when placed on the background of the same shade of blue it looks like the “U” is diagonally cut and the triangle is set on a very little distance from its edge.

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