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The Baylor University is an educational organization, chartered in 1845 by the government of the Republic of Texas. This is the oldest university in Texas and west of Mississippi river. They’re focused on researching, analyzing and classification of information in various areas of natural sciences, business, philosophy, sociology, et cetera. The university also has its athletic division. The Baylor University sports teams play in baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, basketball and many other sports competitions.

Meaning and history

Baylor University Logo history

1845 – today

Baylor University Logo 1845


The first image made for the university was its seal. It was a circle with many inscriptions and ornamental elements inside. In the central part of the seal, there was a five-pointed star. Around the star we can see the motto: ‘Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana’ (For the Church, For Texas). On the next layer, we can see the inscription ‘Chartered in 1845 by The Republic of Texas’, written in a circular position. At the top of the third layer of the seal, there was the name of the university in large bold green letters. At the bottom, we can see the flower ornament. The whole seal was outlined by what seems to be a tissue.

1989 – today

Baylor University Logo

The 1989 logotype was made especially for upcoming Internet media, TV advertisements, et cetera. This logo shows us just the green nameplate with a slim and thin serif typeface. It’s bordered by a thin vertical line from ‘BU’ monogram colored yellow. The monogram has a heavy type with prominent serifs.

Font and color

Baylor University Emblem

The Baylor University used a variety of different fonts. For the seal, they used two types. For the ‘Baylor University’ and ‘Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana’, they decided to use a font with bold lines and large high serifs and heavy uppercase letters. For the ‘Chartered…’ wording, a sans serif type with medium-bold characters was used. It also had small gaps between symbols. The 1989 version of the logo depicts the name in elegant slim typeface with huge thin serifs. The both logotypes are drawn using a green and white color palette.