Ultimate Indoor Football League (UIFL) logo

Ultimate Indoor Football League logoUltimate Indoor Football League Logo PNG

The Ultimate Indoor Football League is an organization that focuses on providing exciting indoor football entertainment. It operates in various cities across the United States, offering thrilling games and a unique fan experience. It was founded by Andrew Haines and Michael Taylor in 2010.

Meaning and history

Ultimate Indoor Football League logo

The structure of the Ultimate Indoor Football League logo is based on one of the most popular shapes in sports logo design, the shield. In this case, the shield has a contemporary sleek outline with soft curves and sharp angles.

There’s a prominent 3D effect, which is partly due to the combination of blue and silver gradient and partly due to the design of the letters “UIFL” seen on the top half of the shield. A red ribbon with white stars breaks the emblem into two parts. Below, there’s a football in red, white, and blue. In addition to the white and silver outlines, the UIFL logo also has an outline combining black and red.

What is Ultimate Indoor Football League? 
The Ultimate Indoor Football League (UIFL) was a professional indoor football league in the United States. It provided a platform for teams to compete in fast-paced, high-scoring games within an indoor arena setting.

UIFL logo