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UC Browser is a UCWeb developed web-browser, which was released in 2014. The company, owned by Alibaba Group created a browser, which is now more popular that Google Chore in Asian countries.

Meaning and history

UC Browser logo

The UC Browser visual identity is bright, playful and instantly recognizable. Its unique emblem evokes a sense of curiosity and happiness, showing the creativity of the developing team and making the potential users want to try the new software.

The UC Browser logo is composed is an orange square with rounded angles, containing a stylized image of the squirrel inside.

The squirrel has always been a symbol of the browser, but the previous version was more detailed and cartoonish, while the current design is sharp and contemporary.

The squirrel is drawn looking to the right and its body is composed of a swirl-like pattern, which makes the logo look lighter and more interesting.

UC Browser emblem

Squirrel is a commonly known symbol of energy and focus, it also represents the playful character and joy. Complemented by an orange and white color palette, which also evokes a sense of happiness and dynamics, the UC Squirrel is a truly outstanding example of a modern IT brand’s visual identity mascot.