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FlightAware is a prominent aviation company specializing in flight tracking and information services. The company, privately owned, provides real-time flight data, airport information, and aircraft tracking to aviation enthusiasts, businesses, and airlines worldwide. With an extensive network of data sources, FlightAware operates in over 55 countries, offering reliable and accurate flight tracking services to millions of users.

Meaning and history

FlightAware Logo

FlightAware is a leading aviation company founded in 2005 by Daniel Baker. It has revolutionized the way flight tracking and aviation data are accessed and utilized. The company provides real-time flight tracking, airport information, and aviation data services to airlines, airports, and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

FlightAware’s achievements include developing a comprehensive flight tracking platform that combines data from multiple sources, including ADS-B, radar, and satellite data, to provide accurate and up-to-date information on flights globally. They have also introduced innovative features such as live flight tracking, flight alerts, and historical flight data analysis.

Currently, FlightAware continues to be a prominent player in the aviation industry, offering a range of services and solutions to improve flight operations, enhance passenger experience, and optimize air traffic management. The company’s advanced technology and reliable data services make it a trusted partner for airlines, airports, and aviation professionals, contributing to the efficient and safe operation of the global aviation system.

What is FlightAware?
FlightAware is a global aviation software and data company. It provides real-time flight tracking, flight status information, and a wide range of aviation data and services to airlines, airports, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. FlightAware’s platform is used by millions of people worldwide to track flights, monitor airport activity, and access valuable aviation data for both commercial and private aircraft.