Twice Logo


Twice is a South Korean musical girl band, started in 2015. They can mostly be characterized as a K-Pop performer, although the genres they utilize also include Japanese pop music, electronic music and other pop styles. Twice is one of the most popular Korean girl bands, with over 10 million monthly listens on Spotify.

Meaning and history

Twice has been created in 2015 by the giant music conglomerate from South Korea, called JYP Entertainment. The meaning behind the name refers to the ‘double action’ of their performances. They usually combine heavy, colorful visual elements with striking, energetic music.

What is Twice?

Twice is one of the biggest K-Pop bands in South Korea. It was founded in 2015 as a girls music band, and it currently consists of 9 members.

 2015 – Today


The original logo looks like a combination of letters first two letters of the band’s name. It starts with a big ‘T’, whose stem extends down and becomes the left side of the ‘W’. The style is a calligraphic, manually drawn design with varying proportions. The color is originally red, but it changes all the time depending on the latest album.