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Stockmann pls is a Finnish public company for retail trade and a network of shops selling clothes and household items. It was founded in 1862 by Heinrich Georg Franz Stockmann, a German merchant from Lübeck. At the outset, he ran just a glassware shop in Helsinki, but in about twenty years, he already owned a department store. The company has consistently developed, buying new businesses and expanding the geography of its operations. Today Stockman plc owns eight department stores in Finland, Latvia and Estonia. In addition to that, its name is licensed to nine department stores in Russia. In 2015, the yearly turnover of the company was about 1,4 billion dollars.

Meaning and history

The main part of Stockmann logotype is the company’s name written in block letters. The graphics of the letters are very clear and easily readable, close to the font Sequel 100 Wide 65. The colour of the wordmark is a dark tone of seafoam green. To the left of the wordmark, there is an emblem three higher than the size of the brand name letters. It is in the same green tone as the writing and is designed to resemble a capital letter “S” with a green circle inside the upper curve of the letter. It is believed that the emblem represents not only the first letter in the company’s name but also a set of escalators in a Stockmann department store.

Stockmann Logo

Apart from its commercial meaning, the Stockmann logo is associated with the company’s strategy and code of conduct, in particular, its announced responsibility to matters related to people. Stockmann has committed to a number of UN Declarations concerning Human Rights, the Rights of the Child and Business guidelines.

Stockmann Logo

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