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While the Tudor watch logo has gone through quite a few updates, it has stayed loyal to its inspiration – the symbols of the long-reigning English Tudor dynasty.

Meaning and history

Tudor Logo history

The first timepieces, which were manufactured in the 1920-1930s, featured the wordmark “Tudor” on the watch face. The type, with its combination of refined bold and thin elements, had a slightly gothic feel. The letter “T” looked somewhat unusual: the right end of its horizontal bar was stretched above the brand name.

In 1936, Tudor logo went through a complete overhaul. The iconic rose of the Tudor dynasty was now seen on the watch face. Housed inside a shield shade, it symbolized the combination of strength and grace. The lettering “Tudor,” which was placed under the pictorial emblem, had a distinctive medieval style and even was not perfectly legible because of this.

What is Tudor?
Tudor is a watchmaking brand, which was established in 1946, and today is owned by the Rolex Group. The brand is known for high-quality watches in a medium-price category, which have been produced since the 1920s, under the Rolex label.


Tudor emblem

The company had to eventually get rid of the medieval font and replace it with another type. Although it does have a classic feel, you can’t say it’s dated or old-fashioned.


Tudor watch logo

While the rose itself has disappeared from the current Tudor logo, the Tudor rose symbolism is still present. Now, it’s embodied in the bright red color of the shield.