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Tubidy is a free app that allows you to download music and podcasts in all languages. The music is played together with a clip, and the gallery has a wide selection of artists. Moreover, you can choose to download the track: with or without a clip, in low or high quality. It is possible to create folders and playlists, which is also convenient for users.

Meaning and history

Tubidy is an online platform, which was introduced in 2016 to make it easier for users to listen to music online. The platform and its application allow you to listen, watch and download music files and video clips, from one window.

It is also possible to evaluate different download options by clicking on the link of the content you want to download or listen to from those videos listed in the search results. At this point, another user-friendly feature of Tubidy appears. Tubidy, which can offer advantages of different sizes in different formats, can provide a seamless service on the device you are going to use.

Tubidy was one of the first applications on the market, which made it possible to download videos from YouTube in a few simple moves, and even though the service was launched quite a long time ago, it still doesn’t lose its popularity.

What is Tubidy?
Tubidy is the name of an internet-based service that allows you to watch, listen and download music videos. Meanwhile, it provides services not only on the website but also on mobile apps. When you perform a search on Tubidy, all YouTube videos matching your search term are listed.

Interms of visual identity, Tubidy is bright and friendly. The service uses a stylized wordmark in a vivid color palette, with small graphical elements inscribed into some of the letters. It looks very funny and sweet, evoking a sense of trustworthiness and lightness.

2016 – Today

Tubidy Logo

The Tubidy logo is set in a light-blue, white, and black color palette, with two options available: it is whether the black and blue lettering on a white background with a thin blue outline or the inscription is set on a solid blue background, with a thick white outline. The lettering is split into two parts by using different colors — the “Tu” is set in blue, while the “Bidy” — is in black. The letter “I” in the inscription is turned upside-down, making up an exclamation mark, and in the negative spaces of the “B” and the “D” there are small black dots, which make the characters look like two eyes.

Font and color

Tubidy Emblem

The jumping and dancing lowercase lettering from the primary Tubidy logo is set in a friendly rounded sans-serif typeface, with the letters looking smooth yet stable. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Volkswagen TS ExtraBold, or VAG Rounded Next Black, although there are quite many fonts, which use similar shapes and styles.

As for the color palette of the Tubidy visual identity, it is based on a clean, fresh, and bright combination, where blue stands for creative mood and joy, white symbolized reliability and quality, and black represents the professional qualities of the service and its expertise.