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Dua Lipa is the name of the famous pop-singer, who was born in the United Kingdom in 1995 and became famous in 2017, after the release of her album “Dua Lipa”. The singer began her career from modeling, which helped her in the future career, as Dua Lipa’s filmography list is even longer than the discography one.

Meaning and history

Dua Lipa Logo history

A young pop-star was discovered not that long ago but already adopted two official logos. The first one was very modest and light, reflecting the first steps on the stage, while the second emblem, introduced in 2019 is something strong, bright, and unique.

2015 — 2019

Dua Lipa Logo-2015

The very first logo was created for Dua Lipa in 2015 and boasted a capitalized inscription, executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with clean controls and thick lines. The white letters of the logotype were outlined in thin black but could change the main color depending on the placement, so actually, they were transparent.

The traditional shapes and cuts made the logo very universal and timeless, but it definitely had a lack of individuality.

2019 — Today

Dua Lipa LogoThe second version of the visual identity for the singer was introduced in 2019 and became a really good representation of the celebrity’s character and uniqueness. The two-layered inscription in a handwritten cursive was executed in smooth rounded lines. The bottom level is solid black, while the main one is in tender yellow. The yellow and black contrast makes the whole image bright and memorable, while the thick elegant lines evoke a sense of confidence and professionalism.

Yellow is also a color of energy, happiness, and joy, and when complemented with black it looks very dynamic and powerful, which shows the Dua Lipa style and genre, as well as reflects her growth and progress as an artist.