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Scavolini is an Italian brand providing furniture and accessories for multiple architectural needs of all kitchen, living and bathroom spaces. The brand was founded in 1961 in Pesaro by two brothers, Valter and Elvino Scavolini.

Meaning and history

Scavolini Logo

The Scavolini logo is a highly recognizable wordmark with contrast colors. It reflects the brand’s innovative approach and its ability to adapt to changes in taste, lifestyle and the market.

Classic combination of scarlet red and white makes the logo bright and eye-catching. White typeface based on Rika Bold serif font in all-caps looks perfectly on an intense red background.

The Scavolini logo is timeless and stylish, it shows the brand’s philosophy and growth with a strong connection to its Italian roots. Red color symbolizes success and confidence inherent in this company, and the Italian sense of beauty.