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Traxxas is an American company, specialized in the manufacturing of radio-controlled cars and drones. Established in 1986, today the company has an annual revenue of about 50 million USD and is considered to be one of the leaders of the radio control market in North America.

Meaning and history

Traxxas logo
The Traxxas visual identity is powerful and dynamic. Evoking a sense of speed and progress, its logo is composed of a wordmark with an underline, executed in a bright color palette.

The Traxxas nameplate in all the capital letters is written in a custom sans-serif typeface with bold brave lines. All the letters of the inscription are connected to each other and create a feeling of a single organism, which is sharp and balanced.

The intense red color of the wordmark is complemented by a thin black and white outline, which makes the contours of the inscription more distinct and enables better placement of all the possible backgrounds.

The tagline, “The Fastest Name In Radio Control”, written one a bold italicized font, has the word “Fastest” in black, while all the other letters of the tagline are red. That emphasizes the main characteristic of the company’s products — speed.

The red and black color palette of the Traxxas logo is a representation of a powerful and dynamic brand, it reflects energy and freedom, showing the company’s willing-ness in moving forward and its value of innovations and creative approach.