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Transcend is a Taiwanese brand of memory storage products manufacturer, founded in 1998 by Chung-Won Shu. Today the company has 13 offices across the globe and is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital storage and multimedia devices.

Meaning and history

Transcend is a leader, and everything in brand’s identity points on it. The company’s name, its mottoes “Good memories start here” and “Exceeding your expectations” and the brand’s logo.

The logo is composed of two parts: the wordmark and the brand’s emblem on its left. The nameplate is executed in classic sans serif font and slightly italicized.

The emblem

Emblem Transcend

The elegance of lettering is balanced by a sharp and modern emblem. The Transcend emblem is a circle, divided into two parts, with a “torn” letter “T” inside. You can see the lines of the letters “S” and “C” in the contour of the image.

It is a very energetic icon, adding dynamics and power to the brand’s visual identity. It is bold, confident and strong, evoking a feel of movement.

The color

Before it redesign in 2007, the Transcend logo used scarlet red and white color palette, which was bright and young. But the company is growing, getting more popular and recognizable, using better technologies, the brand is becoming stronger. So in 2007 Transcend changed their color scheme to burgundy.

Transcend logo


Burgundy color reflects the brand’s passion and energetic spirit, the company’s progress and innovative approach. It is a perfect choice of color, celebrating a powerful and significant brand.

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