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Toyo Tire Corporation is based in Itami, Hyogo, Japan. It was founded in 1945 under the name of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. When the company started working in the US in 1966, it chose the name Toyo Tire Corporation.

Toyo Tire slogan
  • Driven to perform.

  • We are Toyo. All or nothing.

  • Pleasure comes with performance.

Meaning and history

Toyo Tires Logo history


Toyo Tires Logo old

We can mention an old version featuring the word “Toyo” in red inside a white shape with blue trim. The shape looked very much like a house.

Toyo Tires old Logo

Also, you can come across an old Toyo Tires logo in yellow and blue. Here, the name of the brand in black was placed inside a yellow “house” with blue trim. Above it, there was the stylized head of Japanese warrior. The lettering “Hi-tech tyres” could be seen below.

2007 – Today

Toyo Tires Logo

The Toyo Tires logo is basically just the wordmark without any pictorial elements. The design forces behind the brand opted for a heavy, italicized type. The letters are perfectly legible. On the downside, they can hardly be called unusual. All the glyphs are capitalized.

We can add that the space between the letters is smaller than it should have been, due to which the two words almost merge. The reason is that the name of the company is pretty long, so reducing the space between the words seems an easy way to make it shorter.

The name of the brand is given in a rather saturated shade of blue over the white background. In some versions, you can see the tagline “driven to perform” below. The tagline is gray. It features a completely different type – it is lighter, with rounded glyphs.