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Tosot is a famous air-conditioning system manufacturing company, which was founded in 2003. Today the group is present all over the world with its manufacturing facilities mainly in Asia. The company is known for its innovative approach and a wide range of solutions, suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Meaning and history

The Company’s visual identity is minimalist yet bright and striking. Executed in a deep red and white color palette, the brand’s logo is recognizable and modern.

The red and white combination reflects the power and energy of the Asian corporation, showing it as progressive and passionate about what it does. White adds a sense of purity and loyalty, which are one of the most important qualities for every global company.

The absence of extra details show the brand as a professional and centered on quality and research. Tosot is about innovations, and its logo is a perfect representation of the company’s values and philosophy.

The corporation’s logo is contemporary and stylish. Its distinct contours and minimalist shapes reflect the futuristic and progressive approach of the famous manufacturer, putting the customer in the center of everything.

Tosot Logo


The company’s wordmark is executed in a custom typeface, which is based on a modern sans-serif, similar to Venus Rising bold, but with open shapes of both letters “O” and diagonal cuts of the “S” ends, which represent innovations and progress.

The sharp and fancy inscription looks confident and futuristic. The clean contours of its letters evoke a sense of seriousness and authority, reflecting the brand’s fundamental approach and a serious interest in research and technological innovations.


The name of the company is an abbreviation for Technology, Outstanding, Sharing, Originality and Taste. The brand, established by a huge Gree Electric Appliances corporation, truest to follow all the principles its name was derived from.

The main profile of the company is air-conditioning systems, which include a ventilator, heaters, and radiators, along with electric fans, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers. The Research and Development department of the company uses the latest technologies and is very innovative. It allows the group to develop and produce very efficient appliances, which are also durable and sustainable.

Another profile of the brand is home electric appliances, which wide range includes toasters, coffee machines, and ovens.

Tosot is a huge Chinese brand with production sites in Asia region and distribution chain all over the globe.

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