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The logo of the audio equipment company Behringer has an interesting history. The company founder, Uli Behringer, has noted that the logo is “the most sacred part of a company.”

Meaning and history


The original Behringer logo was inspired by the advice Uli Behringer got from Otto Pahnke, who was his mentor. Otto was the father of a girl whom Behringer dated and also the general manager of Storck, a German chocolate company, so his advice appeared very valuable.

Behringer Emblem

Otto noticed that when fine-tuning his products, Uli listens to them very carefully. So Otto suggested the ear symbol that could represent that Uli designs his equipment by ear and not by cold specs.
Then, Otto asked one of his graphic designers to draw a stylized ear for the logo. Having got the ear emblem, Uli combined it with the word “Behringer” and placed them inside a triangle.


Behringer Logo
Pro Audio brands Midas and Klark Teknik were acquired by Music Tribe, a holding company founded by Uli Behringer. With this important change, Uli Behringer decided to modify the logo. He read in design books about the importance of focus and simplification. The in-house marketing team developed several versions but Behringer was still searching for something different.
Eventually, he decided to ask Otto Pahnke’s daughter Anna, who was already a marketing specialist, for help, and they created the new Behringer logo together. According to him, the result is “substantially calmer, warmer while still retaining the essence of the original logo.”