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Sporting Kansas City is the name of a football club from the United States, which was established in 1995. Nicknamed The Wizards, today the member of the Major League Soccer, it is owned by Sporting Club and managed by Peter Vermes.

Meaning and history

Sporting Kansas City Logo history

The American football club was established under the name “Kansas City Wiz”, so its visual identity history can be divided into two periods — the Wizards one and the Sporting. These were two completely different concepts.

1996 — 1997

Sporting Kansas City Logo 1996

The very first logo for the Wiz was designed in 1996 but stayed with the club for only one year, as in 1997 they were renamed into Wizards. The Wiz logo was composed of a rounded badge, which resembles the air balloon. The crest was divided into two parts — the large one in the bottom with a white bold letter on a black background, and the colorful upper part with the football placed on a blue background. The football was complemented by four smooth lines in yellow, red, green, and purple, which added a sense of movement, fun, and dynamics.

1997 — 2006

Sporting Kansas City Logo 1997

After the club’s rename, the new logo was introduced in 1997. It was the same crest, but it got extended in order to fit the new “Wizards” wordmark into its bottom part.

2006 — 2010

Sporting Kansas City Logo 2006

In 2006 the arched upper part with the flying ball was replaced by a blue “Kansas City” lettering in all capitals of a custom elegant typeface with sharply curved serifs. The logo started looking more professional but lost its most iconic and recognizable part.

2010 — Today

Sporting Kansas City logo

In 2010 the club from Kansas got its new name, Sporting Kansas City, and the new logo, which looks strong and modern. The wide sleek crest with a smooth gray out-line features a calm blue background with a light blue striped pattern in the left and an elegant and sophisticated white “SC” monogram on the right. The “Sporting” wordmark is written in white on the top of the blue crest, and has “Kansas City” in-scription above it, on the gray frame.

Sporting Kansas City Colors

RGB: (147, 177, 215)
CMYK: (42,22,3,0)

HEX COLOR: #002A5C; 
RGB: (0, 42, 92)
CMYK: (100,89,35,30)

RGB: (160,161,165)
CMYK: (40,32,30,1)