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Top Gun is the name of a famous American movie, created in the middle of the 1980s and released by the Paramount Pictures company. The movie was directed by Tony Scott and starred Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. The Too Gun: Maverick sequel was introduced in 2022, directed by Clint Wallace.

Meaning and history

Top Gun Logo history

Top Gun is a very famous name in the cinematography history of the 1980s. The original movie with Tom Cruise was released in 1986 and made people from all over the globe fall in love with the story of Pete Mitchel. The new 2022 Top Gun: Maverick film, shown May 18 out of competition at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, is an attempt to revisit a proven 1986 classic, the film Best Gunner, in which 30 years ago Tom Cruise also played the pilot, that same Lieutenant Pete Mitchell.

The 1986 film had a relatively small budget at the time of 15 million USD, but soon became a cult classic that became a popular hit, and grossed over 357 million USD worldwide.

Top Gun: Maverick is neither a reworking of the original nor a spin-off movie. The new film is actually a direct sequel to Top Gun, and its storyline unfolds exactly 30 years after the original.

What is Top Gun?
Top Gun is the name of an iconic movie, which was released in 1986, and directed by Tony Scott. The film, starring atom Cruise, tells a story of an American pilot, Lieutenant Pete Mitchel, who comes back to the screens in 2022, with the creation of Top Gun: Maverick.

In terms of visual identity, Top Gun is a franchise with two badges: the one, created for the original movie in 1986, and the second one for Top Gun: Maverick, designed in 2022.


Top Gun Logo 1986

The original Top Gun badge, introduced in 1986, featured stylized geometric lettering in a heavy sans-serif font with angular contours, placed between two stylized wings, formed by several thick horizontal lines, cut diagonally. The badge was accompanied by a solid five-pointed star, placed at the bottom part of the banner, overlapping the elongated horizontal stripe, which underlined the logotype. There were two options for the color palette for the Top Gun logo: black-and-white, and blue, red, and white.


Top Gun Logo

With the release of Top Gun: Maverick, the new badge was created in 2022. It is fully based on the previous version. The uppercase “Maverick” lettering is now placed under the “Top Gun” inscription in the same typeface, but smaller size. The bottom part of the badge is decorated by two thick horizontal elements with a five-pointed star overlapping them.

Font and color

Top Gun Emblem

The heavy geometric lettering from the Top Gun logo is executed in a modern sans-serif font with the characters set in thick lines with straight angles and distinctive contours. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Authority Regular, or ITC Machine Medium, with some insignificant modifications.

As for the color palette of the current Top Gun badge, it uses a timeless combination of black-and-white for the primary version or gradient silver on black for the three-dimensional badge. Both options create a powerful and confident image; reflecting the mood of the movie and its plot.

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