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“Miami Vice” emerged as an innovative force on American television, conceived by Anthony Yerkovich with Michael Mann’s executive touch. The series was a pioneer, blending a stylized aesthetic with a pulsating soundtrack, reshaping TV narratives. It chronicled the gritty exploits of Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, two undercover detectives navigating the treacherous currents of Miami’s criminal depths. Its influence extended beyond the screen, encapsulating ’80s cultural ethos with its trendsetting fashions and musical choices.

Meaning and history

“Miami Vice”, a TV series synonymous with the 1980s, originated from a simple phrase by NBC’s then-president Brandon Tartikoff: “MTV cops”. Creator Anthony Yerkovich, inspired by this concept, melded stylish visuals with a gritty narrative, focusing on Miami’s drug underworld. Michael Mann, as executive producer, infused the show with cinematic qualities, pioneering the use of music and fashion in storytelling. Debuting in 1984, it starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as detectives Crockett and Tubbs, navigating Miami’s volatile criminal landscape.

Its blend of neon aesthetics, synthesizer-heavy music, and edgy plots captured the zeitgeist, redefining TV drama. “Miami Vice” wasn’t just a show, it was a cultural phenomenon, reflecting and influencing 1980s style and attitudes.

What is Miami Vice?
“Miami Vice” is an iconic television series that reshaped the landscape of 1980s pop culture with its stylish fusion of crime drama and musical panache. Set against the vivid backdrop of Miami, it follows the suave duo of Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs, undercover detectives navigating the city’s seedy underworld, making it a hallmark of its era for its trendsetting fashion and vibrant soundtrack.


Miami Vice logo

The logo presents a bold typographic style with a palette of teal and pink, reminiscent of the iconic Miami Vice series. Sharp angles intersect with smooth curves, conveying a retro yet modern vibe, echoing the show’s fusion of action and suave aesthetics.