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Designed for mere £50, the iconic Hot Lips logo has been in use for almost half a century. The original draft was sold to a London museum for $92,500.

Meaning and history

Rolling Stones Logo history

The idea of branding a music band with a single logo was a somewhat novel approach in 1969. Probably that was one of the reasons why Decca, the label with which The Rolling Stones worked at the time, did not put too much effort into developing the band’s badge and left Mick Jagger dissatisfied with it. So, Jagger decided to have this job done by someone else. He visited the Royal College of Art final degree show and spotted the designs of Jon Pasche, who was just a student back then. The musician gave Pasche his instructions and had the job done in just a fortnight.

The Rolling Stones logo, which has been referred to as “Tongue and Lips” or just “Hot Lips,” first appeared on 1971’s Sticky Fingers LP. It became an icon immediately, so the Rolling Stones have never changed it.

What is the Rolling Stones’ tongue called?
The lips with the tongue sticking out, which is the official logo of the Rolling States rock band, has been synonymous with the band since the beginning of the 1970s, as with many other iconic emblems, it has its name. The name of The Rolling Stones logo is the “Hot Lips”.

Inspiration behind the symbol

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Jagger explained Jon Pasche that he wanted the logo to resemble the Hindu goddess Kali. One of the characteristic features of the goddess is an impressive mouth with a tongue sticking out. Jon Pasche claimed that the idea of a mouth symbol sprang to his mind the very moment he saw Mick Jagger in person for the first time. He mentioned that it was just impossible not to spot the musician’s lips and mouth, his most prominent visual features.

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Also, both Pasche and Jagger appreciated the sexual connotation behind the design, as well as its anti-authoritarian attitude.

How much did the emblem cost?

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Jon Pasche reportedly received as little as £50 (about $77) for the Rolling Stones logo. However, when the Stones saw the emblem, they were impressed by it so much that they paid him extra £200. That was not the only bonus the designer received for the job. He worked with the band for the following four years, became known in musical circles and found a lot of customers here, from Paul McCartney and The Who to Jimi Hendrix and Judas Priest, to name just a few. Eventually, he sold the original draft or the Hot Lips logo to the London museum V&A for $92,500.


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Although The Stones have a unique logo, they do not actually possess a distinctive wordmark, so the name of the band can be given in a variety of typefaces.


Rolling Stones logo

The initial design was black-and-white, but as soon as it became the official logo, it was colored red. It was probably the most logical color choice, not only because red is the natural color of human lips and tongue, but also because it is the color of passion and rebel.

How did the Rolling Stones get their logo?
The iconic logo of the legendary rock band Rolling Stones was introduced in 1970. This red and white emblem was created by John Pasche, a famous American artist, and designer. According to Pasche, the logo depicts the lips and tongue of the band’s lead singer, Mick Jagger.

What do the lips with tongue sticking out logo mean?
The lips with the tongue sticking out on the iconic logo of The Rolling Stones band were drawn by John Pasche, and as the author says, those are the lips of Mick Jagger. Mick Jagger, in his turn, wanted the logo of his band to depict the goddess Kali, and this symbol is always associated with her.