Aerosmith logo

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aerosmith logo
Are you fond of rock and roll? Then you definitely must love Aerosmith, one of the greatest bands that has gained popularity more than 40 years ago and is still on the Olympus of its fame. There are many things associated with Aerosmith, but the main and most iconic thing that characterizes the band is its logo.

Logo history

Aerosmith logo history

The logo of the band has appeared at the time of Aerosmith formation. It happened in the early 70s and all the band members must be grateful to Raymond Tabano for this iconic logotype. A former member of Aerosmith has not played there for a long time, less than a year if to be exact, but his contribution to the development of the band was enormous – it was he, who designed a famous classic winged logotype that is the main feature of the band even today. Firstly, it appeared on the cover of the band’s album named “Get Your Wings” in 1974.


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What does this logo look like? There is hardly a person, who hasn’t noticed this black and white winged-A emblem with the stylized band name and a star over it. The widely spread wings have blue shades on the edges, while the main colors have their meaning: white is associated with harmony, wisdom and confidence, while black represents power, energy and elegance.