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TOP 10 bank logos

Banking is one of the most complex, dynamic and competitive sectors of the economy. The role of logo in visual factors is of utmost importance. We bring you the best bank logos around the world, each reflecting a unique combination of trustworthiness, reliability and boldness. Consider the inventiveness of the Chase Bank logo, the majestic lion of ING Bank, or the striking red arc of Societe Generale’s design. These are not just symbols; they reflect the bank’s commitment to its mission and values.

The famous logos of major banks such as Citibank, TD Bank and Barclays demonstrate a combination of simplicity, seriousness and vitality. The use of national symbols, such as the American flag in the City Bank of New York logo or the Gable Cross in the Royal Bank of Scotland logo, adds a layer of identity and trust. The right image, be it an arrow, a rectangle or a square, is of utmost importance in the banking industry.

From Raiffeisen Bank to State Bank of India, the best bank logos are a testament to the heritage and vision of a financial institution. They are crafted with care, often with serif fonts to signify stability and colors like green and red to convey growth and passion. Bank logo design is not just about creating the right type of logo; it’s about expressing the essence of a financial services company.

Multinational banking giants such as Societe Generale and the Royal Bank of Scotland understand the particular challenge of maintaining a consistent image across different markets. Their logos often use vectors, a balanced layout, and the right colors to convey the message. This is a testament to their reliability and trustworthiness in the financial industry.

In Amsterdam you will see the simplicity and seriousness of the ING Bank logo, reflecting the city’s rich banking heritage. The lion, the national symbol, speaks of the bank’s courage and passion. Likewise, the red color in the Bank of America logo symbolizes vitality and the American spirit.

Financial institution logos are not just about aesthetics; they represent the bank’s mission, values and commitment to its customers. From business cards to signage, these logos become part of a bank’s brand identity. For example, the SBI logo is not just a symbol; it reflects State Bank of India’s commitment to financial inclusion and services.

Ultimately, designing a bank logo is a complex task that requires not only creativity but also an understanding of the financial industry. With resources like a bank logo maker and logo design expertise, creating the right image for your bank becomes a feasible yet important task.

Below we present the best bank logos according to everyone.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas Logo

The logo of the French BNP Paribas contains four stylized stars arranged in a special order resembling a curl. Stars refer to the symbol of the European Union, and the dynamics emphasizes the open nature of the bank. The bank’s clients and partners are not European continent only.

The bank’s capital exceeds $ 2.19 trillion.

First Financial Bank

Logo First Financial Bank

First Financial Bank is a financial institution with a long history. The bank has started its work in 1834. The logo is laconic – emphasizing the primacy. The creators of the logo replaced the letter “I” in the first word with a number, emphasizing the replacement with a contrasting color. But, this number one – with the base beveled, with the same beveled top (no any horizontal line) is worth to be called the true symbol of the bank.


Logo UnionBank

Logo, which was created for UnionBank, is universal and concise. Stylized letter “U” equally can symbolize “blooming flower” or “burning fire”. Two contiguous elements create a single picture. This is the idea of UnionBank – in cooperation even with unexpected and complex partners and investors.

HSBC Holdings plc


The logo of HSBC Holdings plc is made in two basic colors – red and white. The complex design recalls the elements of the composition of the British national flag. The main element is a triangle, a symbol of stability, traditions and orientation to the future. Such combination of triangles is similarly deciphered in the Eastern cultural tradition.

The holding was created for cooperation with Chinese and other Eastern financial institutions. That is why the cultural context of both civilizations was of fundamental importance.

The assets of the British financial holding are 2.37 trillion dollars.

JPMorgan Chase


J.P. Morgan Chase LogoLogo JPMorgan Chase is monochrome. The blue color emphasizes the traditional approach, loyalty to traditions. The complex shape logo consists of four elements, which create a single picture, but do not touch each other. It is both a symbol of the four corners of the earth and four elements. Besides, the image refers to the ancient solar symbols.

The bank has $ 2.49 trillion in assets.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Logo Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Japanese Mitsubishi UFJ Financial limited itself by a simple and symbolic logo. The combination of red and white elements for the representatives of Western culture symbolizes the “all – seeing eye”; for the representatives of the East – a multi-level meanings and interrelations. The logo contains an unambiguous reference to the national flag of Japan.

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial asset is 2.59 trillion us dollars.

China Construction Bank Corporation

Logo China Construction Bank Corporation

China Construction Bank Corporation was established as the state bank of China. Today it is a commercial financial institution with state ownership. The bank has a logo that resembles the visual images of such organizations of China. Also there are a graphic image (stylized double letter “C”, in the center of which is the correct rhombus, symbolizing balance) and text writing in Chinese and English.

The Bank’s asset exceeds 3.02 trillion us dollars.

Bank of America logo

Bank of America Logo

We could not make the top most influential financial institutions in America without Bank of America. The oldest bank of the American continent it still heads the top of influential financial institutions of the United States. The logo uses three colors of the national flag – white, red and blue, and in the same proportion. Even stripes are used. They are multidirectional, but this is an original feature of the logo.

Bank capital exceeds $ 2.114 billion, making the organization the largest in the United States.

Deutsche Bank logo

Deutsche Bank Logo

Among European banks, this financial institution is the authority and the owner of the largest capital – 62.678 billion dollars. The logo emphasizes the special status of the Deutsche Bank. The square symbolizes stability, and the diagonal line (which does not connect to the contour) emphasizes that this financial organization, even in a difficult economic situation, is aimed at carrying out its own line and in the financial “sea”.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


The capital stock – 3.47 trillion us dollars – this bank occupies a leading position in the world ranking. This list of Forbes confirmed it – in the rating the bank is in the first place.

The logo consists of two elements – graphic and text. The graphic element presents a stylized letter “I”, enclosed in a circle – a symbol of infinity, ideal and harmony. The text element is represented by the hieroglyphic name (this writing is larger, decorative font is used for it), as well as the name in English.

The size of financial institutions assets is changing dynamically. This allows, in particular, to get acquainted with new and new bank logos.