Citibank Logo

Citibank is an international bank headquartered in New York City, the United States, and it operates in about 160 countries. It has a logo, which is among the simplest and most iconic ones.
Citibank Logo history

The Citibank logo was designed by Paula Scher of Pentagram, and introduced in 1998. When the company met her, she immediately sketched the logo on a napkin. Later, in 2002, the acronym was modified from “Citi” to “Citibank”, when the company changed its name to the current one after a merger. The name is written in blue letters, and a red arc caps the lower-case ‘t’. The arc is a simplified umbrella image borrowed from the logo of Travelers Group. It symbolizes the company’s striving to keep its clients satisfied and secure them against all sorts of financial upheavals.
The Citibank logo comes in two colors: blue and red. The blue color symbolizes the company’s integrity, elegance, and excellence; the red color stands for passion, determination, and vigor.

The logo’s typerface imitates Paula Scher’s handwriting, which was borrowed from the napkin prototype.


citibank symbolThe earliest Citibank logo was created in 1955 following the merger of the National City Bank of New York and the First National Bank. The emblem looked rather old-fashioned with its intricate seal-like design. Probably that was one of the reasons why the Citibank symbol was simplified in just 7 years and grew clearer and clearer with every new version.

Citibank logo history