Deutsche Bank Logo

Deutsche Bank Logo
Since 1870, when Deutsche Bank was established, it has gone through a succession of logotypes reflecting the change of the company name, structure, and owners.

Meaning and History logo

history Deutsche Bank Logo

During the first 58 years of its history, the company used the “imperial eagle” emblem. In 1918, the “DG in a circle” Deutsche Bank logo was adopted. It was used until the merger in 1929, when the eagle emblem was returned (in a modified appearance).

The 1930-1973 symbol

Symbol Deutsche Bank
In the mid 1930´s another emblem was introduced, where the letter “D” and “B” were placed inside an oval. In 1947-1952, the bank consisted of 10 autonomous banks, each with an oval emblem. In 1952-1957, there were three autonomous banks whose logos were placed inside stylized coin rims. In 1967-1974, the “DB in an oval” symbol was used again.

The 1974 emblem

Emblem Deutsche Bank
The current logo was created between 1972 and 1974 by the painter and graphic artist Anton Stankowski. The company chose it out of a variety of emblems developed by eight graphic artists. Originally, the emblem consisted of a slash in a square together with the wordmark, but in 2010 the lettering was removed.


Font Deutsche Bank logo
In fact, the Deutsche Bank logo does not include lettering, as the slash symbol stands on its own. However, the company does have a logo. The type used in it is Univers Next 630 Basic Bold developed by Adrian Frutiger.


Color Deutsche Bank Logo
For most of its history, the logotype was given in black and white. However, the current version features the dark blue symbol on the white background.