Cars brands and logos that start with C

There are plenty of highly prominent automotive manufacturers, whose brands start with the letter ‘B’. Besides Chrysler, Cadillac and Citroen, however, a lot of smaller-scale producers also named their brands accordingly. Here’s the full list, anyhow.

Car brands that start with C:
Cadillac, Chrysler and Citroen are some of the most popular car brands that start with C. Besides them, there are also plenty of smaller manufacturers.


Cadillac Logo

Cadillac was a primary American brand of luxury cars since its inception in 1902. It’s currently one of the many brands of General Motors. The company designated Cadillac as a producer of big premium cars. Their contemporary logo is a checkered black-and-white shield with wide proportions.

American cars that start with the letter C:
Surprisingly many American car brands that with C. That includes Cadillac, Callaway, Chrysler, Corvette and more.


Chrysler Logo

Chrysler (now Stellantis) is a major car manufacturer from America, established in 1925. Their primary focus as a brand is luxury cars, although there are also a handful of car brands owned by Chrysler, including Dodge, Jeep and Mopar. The long-time Chrysler badge is a round emblem with wide, thin wings.

Car names that start with C:
Many car names start with the letter C. For instance, Cannon, Captiva, Cayenne, Calais, Camaro, Carnival and more.


logo Chevrolet

Chevrolet is a versatile American car manufacturer operating since 1911. They are a subsidiary of General Motors since 1917. Their products include a variety of compact cars, sports cars and utility vehicles. A wide golden cross is their choice of both an emblem and a badge.

Cars beginning with C:
Brands often name entire series with just the letter C and some numbers. It’s usually done because C stands for ‘Class’ or ‘Compact’. The usual examples include Mercedes (C-Class, C-180, C-200), Citroen (C-2, C-3, C-4), Chevrolet (C-10, C/K).


Citroën Logo

Citroen is a major French car producer active since 1919. The company is currently a subsidiary of Stellantis (Chrysler). A lot of their modern cars are SUVs and compact vehicles, but Citroen produced a lot of other types throughout the years. Two vertical tick marks are their primary logo.


Corvette Logo

Corvette (or Chevrolet Corvette) is a family of luxury sports cars produced by the Americans from Chevrolet. It comes in 8 generations (as of 2020), and the first one came out in 1953. The concept stayed the same through the years, though. Two flags – one checkered, the other red – is their usual emblem.


logo Cupra

Cupra is a Spanish car brand, and a subsidiary of SEAT. It was formed in 1985 specifically to build high-performance sports cars for SEAT. Since then, they’ve built many prize-winning motorsport models.


logo Cagiva

Cagiva is an Italian producer of motorcycles established in 1978. Their products include several award-winning racing vehicles, as well as off-road and urban variants.


logo Callaway

Callaway Cars is an Americane automotive brand active since 1977. Callaway specializes in modifications of vehicles from other manufacturers, as well as creating their own high performance products.


logo Calthorpe

Calthrope Motor Company was a British car manufacturer active between 1904 and 1934. They mostly made motorcycles and passenger cars, including about 20 different models.

Cambli International Thunder 1

logo Cambli

Thunder 1 is an armored vehicle produced by the Cambli in Canada. It was first released in 2010, when it became open for purchase for authorities and protection agencies.

Campagna Corporation

logo Campagna Corporation

Campagna Motors is a Canadian vehicle manufacturer founded in 1988. They produce a special line of 3-wheel cars with special lightweight bodies.

Canadian Motor

Canadian Motor was an early battery-charged electric car from Canada. It was produced between 1900 and 1902 and didn’t leave much of an impact on the market.


logo Caparo

Caparo Vehicle Technologies was a British motorsport-oriented carmaker active in 2006-2019. They were focused mostly on modifications for other cars, but eventually produced a single motorsport car called Caparo T1.

Carroll Shelby

logo Carroll Shelby

Shelby American is an American sports car manufacturer founded by Carroll Shelby in 1962. This company produced all the Shelby-designed vehicles, including Mustang.


logo Casalini

Casalini is an Italian carmaker founded in 1939. Most of their products are microcars and microtrucks, rather popular in Italy.


logo Castagna

Castagna is an old Italian company that used to make carriages in 19th century. In the 1930s, they started making cars, and the brand is surprisingly still alive.


logo Caterham

Caterham is a British producer of sports cars. It was established in 1978 and went on to create several generations of light, durable sports vehicles.


Centenari was a motorsport-oriented car manufacturer from Italy between 1997 and 2006. Most of their cars were in some form modifications of cars from other brands, such as Alfa Romeo.

Central Motor Co., Ltd

logo Central Motor

Central Motors was a Japanese car manufacturer under Toyota. It operated in 1950-2012 and mostly produced trucks and vans of original make.


logo Chappe et Gessalin

Chappe et Gessalin (GT) was a French automotive business that operated in 1960-70s. Most of the cars produced in this period were compact vehicles with sports-like performance.


logo Chadwick
Chadwick Engineering Works was an American carmaker since 1904 until 1916. They are known for several sports car models they made in that time.


logo Champion

Champion was a brand of German cars built by several unrelated businesses in late 40s and 50s. There were about 9 complete models, most were compact and very compact designs.


logo Chandler

Chandler Motor Car was an American automotive company in the 1910-20s. They produced a few touring and luxury cars that sold with some success.

Chang’an Automobile Group

logo Chang’an Automobile Group

Chang’an Automobile Group is a Chinese car manufacturer. Their history dates back to the mid-19th century, when they made guns. Nowadays, they mostly produce SUVs.


logo Changfeng

Changfeng Motor Co. is a Chinese car manufacturer created in 1950. Their main ‘Leopaard’ brand is a brand of copies of Japanese cars and original designs.


logo Changhe

Changhe is a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 1970. The bulk of their products consist of various crossovers and light vans.

Chariot Motors

logo Chariot Motors

Chariot Motors is an Israeli-Bulgarian producer of eco-friendly buses. The brand was established in 2009.


logo Chatenet

Automobiles Chatenet is a French carmaker established in 1984. Most of their products – about a dozen models – are microcar options.


logo Checker Motors

Checker Motors was a prominent carmaker in America between 1922 and 2010. They mostly made various taxicab cars throughout their existence, but also expanded to cars assembly in later years.

Cheetah Racing

logo Cheetah Racing

Cheetah Racing Cars is a small Australian car maker that operates since late 70s. These vehicles are exclusively race cars designed for motorsport and built by hand.


logo Chenard-Walcker

Chenard-Walcker was a French automotive company between 1898 and 1946. They mostly made trucks and vans, but there were also a handful of passenger cars and touring cars.

Chery Automobile Co

logo Chery

Chery is a Chinese car brand established in 1997. Most cars they produce are electric SUVs or compact crossovers/cars. There have also been several van models before.

Chevron Engineering Specialties

logo Chevron

Chevron is a producer of kit cars and race cars from New Zealand. The brand was established in 1980 and counts 3 models now.

Chinkara Motors

logo Chinkara Motors

Chinkara was an Indian engineering company active in 2003-2016. They made cars, among other things, Chinkara Roadster 1.8S – a sports car made based off Lotus 7 – is their primary product.


logo Chiribiri

Chiribiri was an Italian engineering company in 1910-29. They primarily made parts for aircraft, but by 1913 the business also started making cars, including several touring and race variants.


logo Cisitalia

Cisitalia was an Italian car manufacturer between 1946 and 1963. They primarily made race cars for motorsport, but some were also repurposed for urban driving.


logo CityEl

CityEl (or MiniEl) is a Danish-German electric minicar produced since 1987. It’s a 3-wheeler, powered completely from the batteries and with a max weight of 300 km.


logo Cizeta

Cizeta is a car company created in 1988 by a car designer C. Zampolli. All vehicles in the roster were powerful, hand-built sports cars designed by him.


logo Clan

Clan is a British sports car produced in small numbers between 1971 and 1974. There were many variations, but it was generally a compact, powerful sports car in all of them.


logo Claveau

Claveau was a French car manufacturer active from 1920s to 1950s. Their main car model, Claveau Descartes, was an unorthodox design that was interesting but not commercially successful.


logo Clinton

Clinton was one of the first Canadian car designs, produced in 1911-12. It was a high performance car that could turn into a light truck whenever necessary.


logo CMC

China Motor Corporation (CMC) is a Taiwanese carmaker established in 1969. Most of their products include light trucks and vans, but there were also plenty of compact passenger cars.

Colonial Motors Ltd

logo Colonial Motors
Colonial Motors was a short-lived Canadian car company in 1921-1922. Besides a variant of a V6 car, they didn’t do much else.


logo Comet

Comet (aka Mercury Comet) was a family of passenger cars produced between 1960 and 1977 by Mercury, a subsidiary of Ford. Most of these were long sedan cars, but there were plenty of other variations.


logo Commuter Cars Tango

Commuter Cars Tango is a project of an electric microcar developed in America by Commuter Cars. Its primary quality is that it’s supposed to be incredibly narrow and, thus, not space-consuming.

Compagnie Nationale Excelsior

logo Compagnie Nationale Excelsior

Excelsior was a brand of Belgian cars manufactured in 1904-1929. These were high performance vehicles built with a powerful V6 engine that could compete on major race tracks.


logo Connaught

Connaught Engineering was a British car manufacturer in the 50s that made cars specifically for F1 and other races tracks. This included a total of 3 cars developed by them.


logo Continental

Continental was a short-lived American luxury car manufacturer in 1907-1908. They’ve created 3 working car models in this time.


logo Cooper

Cooper was a British car manufacturer that made cars for motorsport in the 50s and 60s. It was mainly just a couple of mechanics building vehicles by hand.


logo Cord

Cord was a series of luxury auto models produced from 1929 to 1937. There have been many variations of the car, including different body structures and engines.


logo Costin

Costin is a low-volume sports car built in 1983-1987 by the Irish carmaker called Thompson Manufacturing Company. Only a handful was finalized.


logo Cottin-Desgouttes

Cottin-Desgouttes was a French car manufacturer active from 1906 to 1933. Their products included passenger cars (including many racing vehicles), trucks and vans.

Covini Engineering

logo Covini Engineering

Covini Engineering is a car manufacturer from Italy, founded in the late 70s. They’ve created a number of sports car models, but their most popular one is likely the six-wheeled C6W.


logo Crossley

Crossley Motors was a British car manufacturer in 1906-1958. Their early designs include passenger cars, but later they opted to build exclusively trucks and busses.


logo CSC
CSC Automotive is a manufacturer of accessories, founded in the 90s. They are known for creating custom accessories for vehicles based entirely on the wishes of their customers.


logo Csonka

Csonka is a name given to several vehicles designed by a Hungarian engineer J. Csonka in 1909-1912. This included a powered tricycle, a light truck and a touring car.

CT&T United

logo CT&T United

CT&T United is a South Korean brand of electric cars established in 2002. These cars are by design developed to be low-speed, eco-friendly microcars that don’t take up much space.


logo Cunningham

Cunningham auto was one of the first functioning cars in American history. It was produced in several variations between 1896 and 1931.


logo Custoca

Custoca was an Austrian producer of kit cars active in 1971-88. All of their cars – 3 models – were based off cars from other brands.

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