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TianDe is a brand specializing in beauty and health products. The range includes a variety of products from skincare to make-up and fragrances. They really have a lot of solutions both for cosmetic and healing purposes. Only listing the categories of what they sell will take several lines of text.

Meaning and History

TianDe is a Chinese-inspired brand, founded in 2007. A lot of their products actually use ingredients or recipes of traditional Chinese medicine (of course, those parts that actually take effects and don’t have harmful effects). The name translated from Chinese as ‘heavenly perfection’.

2007 – today

TianDe Logo

The TianDe logo is the brand’s name written in a serif font. Most of the word has a lowercase style, except for letter the ‘D’, which is capitalized. The letter ‘e’ is written in two separated parts. One looks like a semicircle atop a horizontal line. Another part of the letter is curved stroke. Both are adjacent to the letter ‘D’.