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KAJA is an innovative beauty brand, known for its vibrant and user-friendly makeup products. Embracing the ‘bite-sized beauty’ concept, it offers compact, multi-functional items, perfect for on-the-go applications. Primarily focused on the global market, KAJA has carved a niche particularly in the US and South Korea. A significant hallmark of the brand is its blend of Korean beauty insights with global trends. KAJA’s ownership is attributed to Memebox, a leading K-beauty company. Together, they’ve introduced a fresh perspective on makeup, capturing the hearts of contemporary consumers.

Meaning and history

KAJA, a breath of fresh air in the cosmetic world, was born out of a collaboration between Memebox, a pioneering K-beauty platform, and Sephora, the global beauty retail giant. This strategic partnership aimed to bridge the East-West beauty divide, melding Korean beauty philosophies with global trends.

From its inception, KAJA’s mission was clear: to present ‘bite-sized beauty’ — compact, innovative, and easy-to-use makeup products. Such a vision was driven by the fast-paced lives of modern consumers, especially those who desired quick touch-ups on-the-move.

While Memebox was already an established name in the Korean beauty realm, the creation of KAJA gave it a more significant footprint in the U.S. market. This partnership with Sephora was instrumental, as it offered KAJA the leverage of Sephora’s vast distribution network and its credibility.

Over the years, KAJA has remained under the protective wing of Memebox. However, its journey wasn’t just about maintaining the status quo. It was about constant innovation. By observing global beauty movements and integrating them with unique Korean beauty insights, KAJA kept rejuvenating its product line. This adaptability was a cornerstone of its growth.

One significant milestone in KAJA’s journey was its emphasis on inclusivity. The brand recognized the diverse beauty needs of consumers worldwide and aimed to cater to various skin tones and types.

To date, KAJA’s ownership and production haven’t undergone major shifts. The brand’s stability can be attributed to its steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and understanding of the global beauty zeitgeist. As it stands, KAJA continues its journey as a beacon of innovative beauty, all while retaining its unique identity and heritage.


Kaja Logo

This is a minimalistic and modern logo with the word “Kaja”. It’s typographically crafted with geometric precision. The characters possess clean lines and angles, exuding a sleek and contemporary vibe. The “K” and “j” exhibit distinctive elongated designs, while the “a” letters, framed by square-like shapes, introduce an element of symmetry to the composition. The logo’s color palette is a muted aqua hue, imparting a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The entire design embodies a blend of simplicity and elegance, making it instantly memorable.