THVL is the name of one of the most famous Vietnamese tv channels, which was established in 1992. The name of the channel stands for Truyen Hinh Vinh Long, which is translated into English as Vinh Long TV Station, after the province, where the company was founded. The channel specialized in both news and entertainment content and has an audience of almost twenty million people.

Meaning and history

THVL Logo history

One of the most-watched Vietnamese channels, THVL has content suitable for all age groups and spheres of interest: news, analytical programs, tv-shows and movies, everyone can find something for himself here. And the visual identity of the TV channel is a simple, yet very clean and confident representation of its philosophy and portfolio.

1992 – Today

THVL Logo 1992

The very first logo for the Vietnamese tv channel was designed in 1992 and featured a geometric composition formed by four parallelograms, placed at a small distance from each other. The first figure was colored red, the second — green, the third and the fourth — blue and purple respectively. Each letter of the channel’s name was written in an italicized sans-serif typeface, in white, with each letter on its figure.

2016 – Today


Almost nothing changed in the TVHL logo after the refinement of 2016. Not even the colors were enhanced or brightened, just the contours of the white capital letter were cleaned up and refined. Thus, the composition became more balanced and elegant, with the bold letters on bright backgrounds creating a perfect image to represent the wide variety of programs, available on the channel.